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How To Convert RTF to PDF:

1. Upload your RTF file
2. Click Convert Now Button
3. Wait for Conversion to Complete
4. Click Download Now to Download the File

Fast, Simple Conversion

Using our RTF to PDF converter couldn't be easier. You just choose the RTF file that you want to convert and click ‘Convert Now’. You can only use Microsoft Office, Libre Office or Pages (on a Mac computer) to open an RTF file, while you can open a PDF file on any computer.

What Are RTF Files?

Rich Text Format (RTF) is a type of file that lets you create and edit a text-based document. You can save a Microsoft document as an RTF and send it to a person who uses an operating system that doesn't support Microsoft.

What Are PDF Files?

PDF, or ‘Portable Document Format’, is a type of file format that you can use when you need to save, share and print a file that you don't need to modify. Today, the majority of computers have their own version of Adobe Reader that reads a PDF file, making this file type ideal for sharing across operating systems.

Why Convert To PDF?

When you convert your RTF document to a PDF file format, you can showcase other design features that can't be shown in an RTF, such as images. PDF files tend to be much more visually appealing than RTF, and they also support graphics and tables, which RTF doesn't.

Highly Secure Conversion

It's safe and secure to use our online conversion tool. We treat all file conversions as strictly confidential, only temporarily storing them on our server. We encrypt files end to end during a conversion, preventing them from being accessed by anyone other than yourself.

Convert Back To RTF

The majority of operating systems won't allow you to edit a PDF document - you can only open and share it. For this reason, you may need to convert your file back to RTF at some point for quick, convenient editing. Our online RTF conversion tool is well suited for the job.