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How To Convert PDF to TXT :

1. Drag and Drop Files
2. Click On the Convert Now Button
3. Wait For The Magic To Happen
4. Click Download Now To Enjoy Your TXT File!

Convert PDF To Text Online

Our quick, efficient free online PDF to TXT converter lets you convert your PDF in a matter of minutes, no messing around. With your PDF in plain text format, you can easily edit the text file and update your document as and when you need to.

Highly Secure Technology

Your security always comes first, so you can rest assured that using our PDF to Text converter, the PDF files you want to convert are in safe hands. We treat all files as strictly confidential, and we won't share your information with anyone else - no exceptions.

What Is This Format?

The format you can convert from is a PDF file, which stands for Portable Document File. A PDF file is typically read-only, hence why you need to convert it to a plain TXT file - a document that can be accessed and edited in a text editor, like Microsoft Notepad or Word.

Why Convert to TXT?

The reason why so many people convert PDF to text file is that most computers don't have the tools and technology to edit directly onto a PDF, which you can do quite easily on a text document. Converting a PDF file to TXT file gives you much more editing flexibility.

Use Anywhere Online

You don't need to be logged into a specific computer or operating system to use our online converter for PDF files. Whether you're at work or at home, on your Mac computer, your Android phone or your Windows laptop, you can use our text convert website.

Extract Text From Any Scan

You can convert any scan file to text on this online PDF converter, so you can wave goodbye to having to copy out text from your file. Simply upload your file onto our converter and the document will be automatically converted into text form using optical character recognition.