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How To Convert PDF to RTF Online:

1. Upload PDF file
2. Click Convert Now Button
3. Wait Several Minutes
4. Click Download Now to Download your RTF File

Our Online Converter tool is a simple way to convert a PDF to TXT without the hassle. Here are a few information to assist you in using our online PDF to TXT converter for your files.

Simple, Reliable Conversion

Our RTF conversion tool lets you convert your PDF files into an RTF file to high accuracy. PDF to RTF conversion is easy - all it takes is a single click. It's completely free to use our online converter, and you don't need to enter your email address or sign up to get started.

Why Convert From PDF To RTF?

RTF and PDF might seem similar on surface level, but there are some benefits to RTF that may make it more appropriate for the work you're doing. RTF files can be opened no matter what, and while you can't edit a PDF file, you can easily edit an RTF file.

RTF Files: What To Know

Rich Text Format, RTF for short, is a type of file format that lets you create a text file and save it on one operating system, then open it up on another. As RTF files are text-based only, you can't add images or other visual features aside from text. If you have Microsoft Word on Windows, you can create a document on there, save it as RTF and send it to a person who uses an operating system that doesn't support Microsoft.

High-Quality Conversion

Using our PDF to RTF converter, you can expect the highest quality conversion. Every text-based feature of your PDF will be converted into rich text format.

Your Data Matters

Our PDF file conversion tool offers the highest levels of safety and reliability. We'll delete your files after your conversion, and encrypt them end-to-end, preventing your private information from being seen by prying eyes.

Conversion Back To PDF

Converting to RTF format is ideal for when you want to edit a Microsoft Word document on any operating system. If you're converting from PDF file format, however, you might want to convert back to an RTF file after you've finished editing the text of your document. You can use our free online tool to easily convert back to your original file when you're done.