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How To Convert PDF to HTML:

1. Drag & Drop PDF Files
2. Click Convert Now
3. Wait for PDF To Convert
4. Click Download Now to Access HTML Files

Our Online Converter tool is a simple way to convert a PDF to TXT without the hassle. Here are a few information to assist you in using our online PDF to TXT converter for your files.

Online PDF File To HTML File Conversion

Need to format PDF files into HTML? You can do so in a single click using our free online PDF to HTML tool. It takes seconds for our converter to convert your PDF document, and it's easy enough for anyone to use.

What Are HTML Files?

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language file format, is used as the basis for a web page. These web pages are displayed through browsers like Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. HTML tags can be used to describe the structural features of a text-based file, including headings, paragraphs, links and quotes.

Converting PDF To HTML

When you convert from PDF to HTML using our free conversion tool, you don't need any skills or technical understanding. Our database will do the hard work behind the scenes - all you need to do is drag and drop your PDF document and wait for the conversion to take place. PDF documents of any file size are accepted.

Why Convert To HTML from PDF?

Typically, you shouldn't publish your online content in a PDF file format. It's much better to provide your content for web browsers in HTML format, which is known for being more responsive, accessible and user-friendly, no matter what device you're using.

Publish-Ready Material

As soon as you have converted your PDF file to an HTML file, you can go ahead and publish it directly to the internet and view it in your browser. You can also use the converted PDF as a platform for editing your written content before publication.

Everything In One File

The HTML page you receive after a PDF conversion will come included with the attached images. All the features of your original PDF document are sent to you in a single file, preventing you from the confusion of juggling multiple folders or separate PDF documents. This also protects your data from prying eyes.