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How to Convert ODT To PDF Online:

1. Drag & Drop files to Upload
2. Click Convert Now
3. Wait for Conversion to Complete
4. Click Download Now to Download File

Fast, Simple Conversion

Use our free online ODT to PDF converter, you can convert your ODT documents to Adobe PDF files simply and easily - no need to sign up or install software. Just upload your files and wait for the conversion process to complete. You can then download your PDF files separately or grouped in a zip file.

Keep your Data Safe

All of our online conversion tools, including our ODT to PDF converter, see privacy as a top priority. It is completely secure to convert to PDF using our tool. We won't share or reveal the contents of your document or hand your data over to third-party organizations.

Free ODT to PDF Conversion

We provide a means of converting to PDF file format with a free version. You can convert many ODT documents to PDF document format for free, and we also provide premium version for advanced users.

What is an ODT File?

An ODT file is a type of document that is created on applications with an OpenDocument Text format. The common word processing application that is used to create an ODT document is OpenOffice Writer. This type of file can be opened on Microsoft Office applications, and features content such as text, images, objects and styles.

What is a PDF?

A PDF, otherwise known as a portable document format, is a type of file that's meant for viewing, not editing. PDFs are a popular format because they can hold onto document formatting no matter what operating system they're opened in, which makes them more share-friendly and helps them to maintain the same appearance from one device to the next.

Why Convert ODT to PDF?

It's much quicker and simpler to open a PDF file than an ODT file: you just double click on the file in its saved location and it'll open straight away. Depending on what operating system you use, it might be more difficult to open an ODT file.